Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Some eensy teensy twitteR and ROAuth news

I've been completely swamped the last couple of months and am just now getting back to the twitteR thing. I've been building up a dataset for a while now and am hoping to combine the various techniques that others have already done and hopefully add a few others in order to provide a comprehensive look at what one can do over time with Twitter data.

I'm making a couple of minor changes tonight to some of the data structures:
  • adding the retweetCount field to the status class, which will report how many times it has been retweeted
  • adding the retweeted field to the status class, a logical which will report if it has been retweeted.
  • adding the listedCount field to the user class, which gives the number of public lists the user is part of.
  • adding the followRequestSent field to the user class, which will report TRUE if that user is someone that you've sent a follow request to (provided you've used OAuth).

On the ROAuth front, Duncan Temple Lang will be taking over as maintainer. A combination of heavy interest on his part and lack of time on my part led to this - he has big plans to push it much further than it is now, integrating OAuth 2.0 and all sorts of other goodies. I believe some Google folks are in on this as well. I wish them luck :)

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