Monday, November 14, 2011

New twitteR mailing list

It seems silly to the point of hubris, but I've created a mailing list for users of my twitteR R package.

While I'm not exactly inundated by emails from users, I do find that two things tend to be true. The first is that the same questions are often repeated (ok, I could have just made a FAQ!), but the other is that these topics tend to come in clusters where I might be asked the same question several times over the course of a few days. It seems to me that the mailing list can provide searchable archives and an efficiency of action when answering those questions.

I also tend to be asked questions regarding practical applications of this package. The real experts in these matters are other users, so my hope is that the mailing list might help facilitate those sorts of discussions.

To sign up for the mailing list, simply go to the Mailman page and register there. Archives are open to the public although posting is limited to members (I think, I should double check that setting).


  1. Seems interesting, I'll sign up though I've never been able to figure out how to respond to messages on Mailman when receiving posts in digest form.

    For R-help I use the Google Groups mirror because it's nice and simple (though admittedly, with the advent of Stack Overflow, I hardly ever visit R-help anymore).

  2. That's a good point Tony. I've never really used a digest mode, but that's partially for the reason you cite. I suspect that this will be low enough traffic that most digests will be a digest of one :)

    I wonder how much of a pain it is to set up one of those gmane things, as I also really enjoy reading things using a newsreader.