Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Seven Languages in Seven Weeks

About a year ago I bought Seven Languages in Seven Weeks with an eye towards broadening my horizons in regards to programming languages. The idea of the book is stated by the title - the author gives you a brief introduction to seven different languages spanning multiple programming paradigms with the idea being that one spends a week on each. The languages were mainly selected on the basis of being less common (e.g. Python and Javascript were removed for Prolog and Io respectively) but yet somewhat well known/useful. Each language is separated into three lessons which come with a bit of homework - both reading (e.g. language API) and programming assignments.

I finally managed to find some time and sit down with the book and have worked through the first two days of the first language - Ruby. I have a small amount of experience from Ruby, having previously started the Coursera SaaS class (granted 'started' means only the first week or two). I'll make a Ruby specific post when I'm finished.

I'm also planning on putting my solutions to the coding questions on my Github account - I'm sure they'll make someone with real experience in the language cringe, so if anyone happens to come across this and want to give me some constructive criticism feel free.

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